NuBuild is a custom build system tailored to the unconventional dependency relationships created by DafnyCC. NuBuild aims to provide fast builds via a cross-build, cross-user shared result cache and via exploiting wide parallelism in Azure.

Features present:

Cross-build caching works, so if you swap branches with 'git checkout', your NuBuild outputs are all cached; when you swap back, the original results are instantly restored.
NuBuild accepts the -j5 flag to keep 5 cores busy.

NuBuild builds the ironclad tools (DafnyCC, Beat, BoogieASM, SymDiff), so that changes to the tools are reflected in the build result.

Remote caching, which allows Azure storage sharing among a group of developers, is implemented; for it, you'll need a (This feature is not yet publicly documented; contact us.)

Features absent:

Parallel remote verification is not implemented.

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