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To allow our Ironclad machine to boot an Ironclad image, we use a boot server. This boot server serves as a DHCP/TFTP server for the Ironclad machine, so that when the Ironclad machine boots up it can obtain the image it needs. To set up a boot server, do the following:
  1. On the boot server, edit the file iron/boot/boot-cp.cmd to make sure you're serving the image you want. Comment out all but the iso_cp you want to use. Note that iso_cp is a directory.
  2. From iron/boot, run boot-cp.cmd. This will start the boot server.
  3. Start up the Ironclad machine. It should automatically boot using PXE and obtain the image. It's possible it will boot from an alternate PXE server on your network; if this happens, you might have to disconnect the switch from the network so your Ironclad machine can only reach your boot server.

As of this writing, Ironclad has driver support only for a very specific model of Ethernet card.

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