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Singularity going GUI

Jun 29, 2008 at 12:13 PM
Anyone want to make a Vista-Compiz Beryl style GUI ?
I said Compiz Beryl because it's lightweight while doing impressive graphics.
Maybe in C++ ?
Jun 29, 2008 at 12:22 PM

Maybe after porting some display drivers to the kernel.

Let's catch Microsoft's eye with this, maybe they'll spend some cash into this and do some public betas.

The DOS kernel's time has passed, next NT will go maybe in 5 years, lots of time to develop a stable OS with a GUI for next-generation computers.

The kernel, I think can be completed by this year. Then we can develop apps.

For compatibility mode, maybe a variant of Hyper-V or Virtual Machine to emulate the NT kernel?

Jul 1, 2008 at 12:52 AM

The problem with kernel mode drivers will always be there.  The real fix would be type safe hardware abstractions.  Think object oriented hardware design.  You talk to an interface instead of an I/O port.  This would work well with the SIP/Channel model that has been presented with Singularity.  The only problems I see right now is blocking until the message is returned to the application.  The number one issue I have with my graphics modules is simple speed.  And it’s due to the numbers of layers that are passed around.  If there was a way to make the hardware understand structures and reference types I could see dramatic improvement.  I haven’t thought about it enough yet to see what types of changes that would really require.  But the level of type safety and mutex support you could get out of the system would be drastically improved. 

 Of course Singularity is a model for software design and research not hardware.  And unfortunately hardware design platforms are much more difficult and costly to play with at home.


To me the next big step in computers would be to rethink the entire system design.  Make a single PC more like a diverse network of interrelated systems instead of a single entity.  Replace the I/O backplane with a switching fabric model.  Multi-read/single write memory cards with hardware mutex.  Strong typed memory block transfers instead of DMA.  But who am I to judge… I got bored with my schooling.