Build Tools Crash when compiling Service


I created a simple service, and a contract to go with it, and added it to tiny.proj, when I tried msb-ing the distro, it crashed the build program, showed me an error dialog (see error.txt in zip file attached) and then showed me this error message:
C:\Users\Joshua\Programming\Projects\OS\Singularity\base\Targets\SingSharp.targets(513,5): error MSB3073: The command [.....] Directory.Contracts.dll" "SampleContract.sg"" exited with code 1. (See error.txt for remainder of error message)
I haven't yet determined if my contract was valid or not, (I thought it was when I started) but I figured that there had to be some kind of internal error on top of whatever I had gotten wrong.
I tried using the debug button, but apparently the code in question resides on someone else's computer and was pre-complied for the rdk.
To duplicate the error, use a clean copy of the rdk (I got mine from repo) then add the folder 'MyService' (from MyService.zip) to the apps folder and try to build the tiny.proj (also from MyService.zip).
I'll update this issue once I find out if I made any mistakes in my contract that msb was trying to compile.
I was using these settings when I tried building tiny.proj, but I don't think it matters:
** Singularity Build Environment:
** Distribution: BVT
** Source Directory: C:\Users\Joshua\Programming\Projects\OS\Singularity\base
** Object Directory: C:\Users\Joshua\Programming\Projects\OS\Singularity\base.obj
** Build Type: Debug
** Target Platform: ApicMP
** Target Processor: x86
** Code Generator: BARTOK
** CodeGen Build: DEBUG
** CodeGen Runtime: CLR
** Kernel Collector: Concurrent
** Process Collector: MarkSweep
** Scheduler: Min
** Generate ABI Shim:
** Stack Checks: true
** Generate CD-ROM: On

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