Singularity RDK on BitBucket

Aug 23, 2012 at 8:53 PM

Hi everyone!

I've been interested in the Singularity project for some time now (about 3 years), and sadly, I see that not much is going on in the project. I have written my Master thesis about Singularity more than one year ago and my source code patch is still being evaluated! It seems that Microsoft is no longer taking care of this project.

I see that from time to time there are people who want to do something with Singularity. However, it is hard to collaborate on a project with a closed, read-only source code repository which no one takes care of. That's why I decided to upload Singularity RDK to a decentralized Mercurial repository on BitBucket. This way people who want to contribute to the project and share their work can do so easily! Using a decentralized source code repository, it is easy to create forks and share your source code or even work together. I hope that this will resurrect the Singularity project at least a little bit! :)

You can find the Singularity RDK here:

I also created a fork with my implementation of SIP-based bus drivers for Singularity (that was the subject of my Master thesis). You can also find my thesis paper in this fork:

If anyone is doing anything with Singularity, then I strongly recommend creating a fork of the RDK on BitBucket and using it as your source control. This way we can share source code and do something interesting with Singularity. For those of you who are not familiar with Mercurial, you can find more information on the project's home page ( It is a great, modern, decentralized source control system and it's free!

By the way, I have spent a lot of time analyzing and extending Singularity source code when I was working on my Master thesis, so if anyone has questions, feel free to contact me - I'll try to help if I can! :)

-- Marek